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by Neal Lebar (President of ICS)

ICS has the largest selection of X-Wide, XX-Wide, and XXX-Wide shoes available anywhere. We represent the top manufacturers of X-Wide shoes and have thousands of X-Wide shoes available in our on-line store. To make it easier to find the right shoe, we have consulted with our Customers and Personal Fitting Specialists and compiled lists of The Best shoes for widths of 4E, 6E, 9E, and 10E-14E shoes. Click here to find The Best shoe for your width.

Retail stores have a very limited (if any) selection of X-Wide shoes. For many people the only way to find shoes for large width feet is at the ICS on-line shoe store. The good news is, people suffering from ailments like: Diabetes, Charcot, Edema, Lymphedema, Bunions, and Hammertoes, have a great source to find their perfect fitting shoe.

ICS have experienced Personal Fitting Specialists who've helped hundreds of people find a comfortable and functional shoe for their needs. Some people may simply need a Wide shoe while others may be suffering from a medical condition that requires an extra width and depth shoe. We have worked with people who have been fitted for a foot and ankle brace (AFO) and have very specific needs.

The shoe width is only one of the factors to determine the correct fit. You also need to consider the Size (length), Volume (space inside), and Toe Box to insure the proper fit. Many people order shoes over and over again, only to be disappointed when the shoes arrive. By consulting with the ICS Personal Fitting Specialists they will take all the factors into account and provide recommendations. Since they are not there while trying the shoe on, it may take a few orders to determine the perfect shoe for your feet.

The best way to tell if you have the correct fit is, when the edges of your foot meet and align flush with the edges of the footbed, not narrower and not overlapping. The heel should sit snugly in the heel cup and the general feel withoout lacing up should be comfortable without being restrictive.

Need help?

To help you find the Perfect fitting shoe... Click here to find The Best shoe for your width.

We have thousands of styles of shoes available in: Medium, Wide, X-Wide, XX-Wide, XXX-Wide, 10E, and 14E. Call or email our Fitting Specialists who have extensive knowledge of each manufacturer, style, and sizes available. They will work closely with you to make sure you get the Perfect Fit!

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