Helping You Find The Perfect Fitting Shoe

ICS has combined the Best Fitting Specialists, Manufacturers, and Customer Care Programs to take the guesswork out of ordering shoes online. Our Manufacturers represent the Best in Class of X-Wide, Therapeutic, and Diabetic Shoes in one place. ICS Fitting Specialists available for phone consultations, have helped hundreds of people match their specific needs with the most comfortable and functional shoes available - Anywhere!

Our shoes are designed to accommodate Extended Sizes and Widths: Narrow, Wide, X-Wide, XX-Wide, XXX-Wide. The shoe depth is available in Extra, Double, and Supra Depth to allow enough room for ailments and orthotics. If you suffer from Bunions, Hammertoes, Craw Toes, Flat Feet, Braces (AFO), Lymphoedema, Edema, Charcot, our Fitting Specialists are available to help.

We have taken all the worry out of ordering shoes on-line. With Our Free Shipping Program, you may exchange any shoe within 30 days, at no cost.

So, go ahead, order the perfect shoe or call our Fitting Specialists - Your Feet Will Thank You.

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