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If you are looking for a specialist with expert technical skill coupled with exceptional customer care expertise ask for Josie. She listens , asks great questions about your needs and then recommends quality solutions.
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Ed Jowdy
My Mom has to have a lift and is extremely handicapped and disfigured in both feet. ICS Shoes was able to go by pictures of her feet and measurements of width/length and suggest the perfect shoe - it is the best fit she has EVER had. She has bought ortho shoes all 90 years of sweet life and has never been fitted so beautifully. The customer service is top notch. You do have to leave a message on the voice mail to reach a specialist but they call back within 24 hours and serve their clients exceptionally well. They rushed the shipment from Cali to TN within a week. Great job! Thank you for giving her what she has never had. Her quality of life has changed because of these shoes...Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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I recently had both my hips replaced. I visited several online shoes , looking for something to help walk in comfort. Honestly every shoe I bought did not fit. I couldn't understand why, when each website gave a description of what would work. I wear a size 13 extra wide and the description said I needed a size 20 9E!!!!!! So I bought into there nonsense. Then I found ICSShoes.com. Their was actually a phone number to talk to a Live Person. A lady named Josie answered the phone. She took the time to set the record straight on what shoe I needed. Josie was so knowledgeable I honestly felt like I was taking to my Orthopedic Doctor. ICSShoes is simply the Best Company PERIOD! THANK YOU JOSIE!!!
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Paul Eschenfeldt
Background: My feet were never the same after my homeless adventure found me on death's doorstep. During my lengthy recovery, my feet were swelled and numb for over two months. Unknown to myself, or the medical professionals, as the swelling subsided the tendons in my toes contracted, the cartilage in the joints dissipated causing the bones to fuse. I now have 'hammer toes' in the six middle digits on each foot and require prescription orthotics under my damaged feet to be able to stand and walk functionally. Aside from the constant pain, I can no longer run, jump, weightlift squat, or any other explosive movements with my feet.

Situation: Having such deformed feet, I found it difficult to purchase footwear 'off the shelf' and explored having high quality custom made boots to accommodate my unique feet. It was a total debacle and I probably ended up doing more damage to my feet as a result of my intense desire to wear high quality boots.

Solution: I commenced my search for accommodating footwear with the idea that I would probably require 'diabetic' footwear for my feet. The last time I looked into 'diabetic' footwear the choice was between a brown or black leather velcro-closure 'sneaker' type shoe that was more for comfort around the house than ruggedness for outdoor exploration. Then I came across ICS Shoes and my expectations were completely annihilated. They offered rugged hiking/work footwear in a variety of styles in extra-extra wide sizes and greater depth to accommodate orthotics. Needless to say, this is EXACTLY what I was searching for.

With the above in mind I wholeheartedly endorse the product:

Propet Cliff Walker M3188 Men's Diabetic 4" Casual Boot - Extra Depth for Orthotics

It is stylish, rugged, comfortable and adequately accommodates my prescription orthotics. Unfortunately, I needed to size up to a 6E width so I only wore these boots for a short time until I could order and receive a 6E width in another style since these were only offered up to 5E width. I would have ordered these if they were offered in 6E width.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to ICS Customer Support for all their help in assisting me with the proper footwear for my needs. I originally ordered two pairs of these in 5E width. I was only sent one pair which ended up being a blessing in disguise. I emailed Customer Support explaining the situation and if it were possible to cancel my second pair and order another style in a 6E width. The different style was eleven dollars more and requested they charge my card on file to make up the difference. Not only did Customer Service comply with my request but did not charge me the eleven dollars because it was their mistake for not sending me the two pair I originally ordered. INCREDIBLE!

Needless to say, as long as I can find accommodating foot ware from their inventory, they have a customer for life. I cannot ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend ICS Shoes enough to those of us with unique foot ware requirements.
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Ragnar R.

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