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I'm 73 years old with polio in one leg and hip since I was a baby. For most of my early life I had to go bare footed; my family didn't have the money to buy me special shoes until I started school. To extend their usage I could only wear them for school and church.

As I grew older I had to wear a "one size" shoe. That was virtually torture since my one foot was size 12 2wide, and the other 10 1/2 6E. Compound the fact I have only one leg muscle on the affected leg, which is 3/4" shorter.

I suffered through with this inconvenience until I got a job making enough money I could by 2 pairs of the same shoes - one pair for my normal foot, and another that still could not make me feel much difference since I could only afford shoes found in magazines or the internet.

Even at the 6E shoes, they still did not accommodate my very high arch and short leg since the toe area of the shoes were somewhat tapered and simply scrunched my toes tightly together; and no way could I ever afford to get a custom pair of shoes made since it cost almost $3,000 for the mold, and up to $4,000 for the shoes. So, I compromised. Just recently I found ICS SHOES EXTRA WIDE, DIABETIC and ORTHODIC COMFORT SHOES on the internet to see what was offered.

I found a pair that was 'suitable' for an experiment and at a surprisingly affordable price. When the shoes arrived I was very impressed that they actually looked better than the picture. Since the unaffected foot is only 2X to 3X wide I wear a thick sock on that foot and a thin sock on the wider foot. It works out satisfactorily, but still is not comfortable after a short while.

However, the ICS shoes I received went on easily (very high arch) and the shoes laces made it very easy to comfortably adjust for my one foot. I usually wear Crocs sandals (since they don't fling off my foot when I walk) unless I need to wear other styles (presentations, awards, weddings, funerals, etc.) My ICS shoes are so comfortable I wear them all day WITHOUT the usual pain and fatigue.

Yesterday (1-5-2022) I braved a make-or-break challenge by taking our granddaughter to the Dollywood area amusement attractions in Tennessee - all day! We left early and returned late. We walked what seemed like miles and I was hardly noticing my 'trouble' foot. The shoes feel so comfortable I left them on until everyone was ready for bed. What a fantastic difference it made; in fact, I put them on again this morning and still have them on with complete comfort.

Bottom line to this dissertation is the ICS product I have fulfilled every basic I need to walk more normally, with comfort. Thanks, ICS.

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I couldn't find my favorite shoes anywhere in retail or online until I found ICS. Great support and terrific service from people who, believe it or not, actually HELP you. It takes one awhile to adjust to the shock. :-) My shoes arrived in record time, pre-laced and ready to go. Hats off to ICS! Thanks, Pat
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Patrick S.
I wear Arizona Breeze braces which enclose my entire foot (except toes) and my ankles. I have struggled for a few years getting shoes that feel and look decent. My bunions, hammer toes and corns were always an issue. Since I found ICS shoes and the wonderful lady, Josie, my whole world has changed! She has worked with me and is great. I have two pairs of shoes that work so well that my foot problems have disappeared. I have even ordered two more pairs. I actually look forward to walking without pain each day. My sincere thanks to this company and Josie; they are fantastic! I recommend highly recommend them.
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Kass Dushel
I never thought I'd need to go off Amazon to find something as basic as a 6E wide orthopedic velcro shoe for my dad, but boy am I glad I did! These shoes really are phenomenal, and I want his retirement to be spent leisurely walking in them!

ICS is a great treasure trove! I know I'll always find what I need for my dad here!
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Daniel B.