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    Wellness Benefit

    Some Insurance & Corporate Plans now provide a Wellness Benefit that includes Athletic Shoes and Boots, Fitness Equipment, Rehab Equipment, etc. Contact your provider to find out if you qualify.

    Benefits of Walking

    Walking is a versatile and effective way to enhance your overall well-being. It's simple to incorporate into your daily routine, whether it's a morning stroll, an after-lunch walk, or a leisurely evening outing. Walking can be easily adjusted to fit your fitness level and personal preferences, from casual walks to brisk power-walking. It's an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can boost heart health, improve circulation, and support weight management. Plus, walking outdoors provides an opportunity to enjoy nature and reduce stress, contributing to a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

    The Importance of Comfortable Walking Shoes

    The only essential item needed for a wellness program is a comfortable pair of athletic shoes or boots. If you're returning to exercise after a long break, it's best to begin gradually, and walking is an ideal choice. Walking is an easy and accessible exercise with many health benefits that: Improves Cardiovascular Health, Aids Weight Management, Strengthens Muscles and Bones, Enhances Mental Health, Increases Energy Levels, Promotes Longevity, Improves Sleep Quality, and Reduces Joint Pain.

    ICS offers the largest selection of Medium-to-Extra-Wide Comfort and Therapeutic athletic shoes and boots. As people age, their feet often grow in both length and width, which can be surprising. Additionally, foot girth tends to expand due to changes in circulation, swelling, edema, hammertoes, and other conditions. To ensure you find the most comfortable shoes, we recommend contacting our Personal Fitting Specialists for assistance. Buying shoes online can be challenging since you can't try them on, but having a specialist at your disposal can significantly improve your chances of getting the proper fit.

    Let us help you find just the right shoe for your lifestyle. Contact Your Personal Fitting Specialist Today - (877) 553-5544 or Contact Us by eMail

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