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ICS Wellness Center

The ICS Wellness Center provides an integrated approach to help people improve their health. Through Guided Virtual Training, you will learn the best exercises and correct form to get the most out of your workouts. Our Virtual Gym includes over 1,000 on demand videos from the best professional trainers for: Active Aging, Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, and Strength Training. By coupling the Personal Training with the Online Videos you will have all the resources at your fingertips to take your health to another level.

The ICS Wellness Center includes a Nutrition Section as a key component coupled with our fitness programs. Learning the best foods to eat along with the latest cooking trends will help you get the most out of the full body approach to optimum health.

Experience fitness at it's best by our integrated approach of Personal Training, On Demand Videos, and the best Nutritional information, all from the comfort of your home.

Power On!

Virtual Gym Center

    Virtual Personal Training

    Now available with a live person working with you by phone, tablet, or computer. The Virtual Personal Trainers will build a personalized program to meet your specific goals. They will integrate the training with the Videos on Demand so you have the knowledge to workout on your own. Connect with one of the Virtual Personal Trainers below to find more information.

    On Demand Video's:

    Enjoy a fitness experience from anywhere using your Phone, Tablet, or Computer. World-class workouts are available On Demand by the world's best Personal Trainers. Virtual classes are available for: Active Aging, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, and more... New workouts are added monthly. Integrate the training from Virtual Personal Trainers with On Demand Videos in an easy to use, at home experience. Click on the link below and start today.

Stretching & Rehab Center

    Pain Management Resources

    Find ways to eliminate pain through Stretching and Exercises with easy to download videos with guidance. The human body is an amazing healing machine when you apply the proper methods to target the source of the issue. These courses have been designed by professionals using a step by step video instruction approach.

    • How to Eliminate Your Back Pain

      At some point in your life you may tweak your back, feel it tighten up, and know something isn't right. You reach for the anti-inflammatory pills and throw an ice pack or heating pad on it, only to find the pain continues, unrelenting.

    • How to Eliminate Your Hip Pain

      Our hip flexors are the engine through which our body moves. They control balance, our ability to sit, stand, twist, reach, bend, walk and step. Everything goes through the hips. When our hip flexors tighten it causes a lot of problems in ordinarily healthy and active people.

    • How to Eliminate Your Shoulder Pain

      Shoulder pain can come from some of the simplest movements, causing you to "impinge" your rotator cuff. Once your rotator cuff is impinged, reaching behind your back or overhead could result in a pain so intense you want to scream.

    • How to Eliminate Your Knee Pain

    • Our knees support the entire body and are one of the most common joints to injure, get replaced, or have surgery on. Every time we stand, walk, bend, or even sleep we put stress on our knee joints and are subject to unrelenting pain.

    • Stretching USA

      Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is one of the methods of stretching most used by today's athletes, massage therapists, personal/athletic trainers, and professionals. Active Isolated Stretching allows the body to repair itself and also to prepare for daily activity.

Nutrition Center

    Nutrition, Cooking, & Diet Courses

    The Great Courses Plus makes lifelong learning and personal enrichment available to anyone, anywhere. Our content-rich, unique courses provide you with a world of knowledge designed to expand your horizons, deepen your understanding, and foster epiphanies.

Equipment Resource Center

    Exercise Products to Improve Wellness

    Find all the equipment you will need to elevate your game and improve your health. We've listed some of the best products to help attain your goals.

    • Horizon Fitness

      Horizon Fitness provides the best reasonably prices Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stationary Cycles, and Rowers

    • TRX Suspension Trainers

      Whatever your passion, TRX has a Suspension Trainer to help you to improve mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, and core through challenging at home workouts.

    • GAIAM - Everything Yoga

      There is no better time than Now to turn to your breath to cultivate a calm mind and body.