How to Measure Your Feet

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Every Shoe & Foot are Shaped Differently

Getting a proper measurement of your foot is essential to finding the Perfect Fitting Shoe. However, these measurements only provide a starting point since every shoe is designed differently. Shoes are made with various toe boxes; rounded, pointed, tapered, etc. You also have to take into account the room inside the shoe called the Volume or Depth. Then there's the material that is used including; Leather, Mesh, Lycra, etc. Finally, you have to take into consideration any foot ailments including; swelling, bunions, hammertoes, edema, etc. It can be a daunting task to order shoes online and determine the proper fitting shoe for Your feet. Looking at a picture only shows you the Style but it doesn't address all of the other factors.

measuring your feet How ICS Personal Fitting Specialists Can Help

Once you have the measurements the next step is to consult with an expert. ICS Personal Fitting Specialists have helped fit hundreds of people over the phone but keep in mind, sometimes it takes a few tries to get the Perfect Fit. After each try the Specialists learn more about what works and needs to be adjusted. It's important to understand how difficult it is but ICS Personal Fitting Specialists help take the guess work out of finding the right fitting shoe. The first step is to get the best measurements you can so you have a good starting point.

Measuring your feet is a simple and quick process that can help ensure you get the best fit for your shoes. Remember to measure length, width, and girth (over & around your foot) to get a complete picture of your foot size. Keep these measurements handy when shopping for shoes, and you'll be on your way to comfortable and well-fitting footwear.

How to Measure your Length, Width & Girth

Finding the right fit for your shoes is essential for comfort and avoiding foot problems. To get the best fit, you'll need to measure your feet accurately. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Measure Length (#9 on image above) To measure the length of your foot, place a piece of paper on the ground. Sit or stand with your foot on the paper with your heel against the wall. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed on both feet. Mark the end of your longest toe on the paper, then measure the distance between the wall and the mark to find the length of your foot.

Step 2: Measure Width (#8 on image above) To measure the width of your foot, place a piece of paper on the ground. Sit or stand with your foot on the paper, with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. Mark the width at the ball of your foot (widest part), then measure the distance between the marks to find the width of your foot.

Step 3: Measure Girth (#4 and #5 on image above) To measure the Oblique girth, wrap a measuring tape from your heel to the top of your foot and around to the floor on the other side of your foot.

To measure the Big girth, wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your foot and around your foot to the floor on the other side of your foot. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight.

Once you have all your measurements, contact ICS Personal Fitting Specialists who will help you find the best shoes for your needs.

How ICS Can Help You

At ICS Shoes, we understand the changes that you are seeing in your feet. Wearing the proper fitting shoe is essential for your Comfort, Performance & Health.

Our comfort shoes feature double depth and removable insoles, customizing the footbed to the amount of swelling or shape of your feet. Velcro or bungee lace systems will help you adjust your shoes throughout the day, preventing them from becoming too tight or constricting.

ICS Shoe Personal Fitting Specialists can help you find the Perfect Fitting Shoe to eliminate pain and discomfort. Taking care of your feet every day starts with the Best Socks & Perfect Fitting Shoe.

Personal Fitting Specialists

Let us help you find just the right shoe for your lifestyle. Contact Your Personal Fitting Specialist Today - Your Feet Will Thank You! (877) 553-5544 or Contact Us by eMail.

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