Walk Your Way to Better Health

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From Dr. Comfort: The Meghan and The Chris.

Looking for a safe, easy, and inexpensive way to stay healthy and increase your energy level? Start walking! Walking is one of the easiest and most popular forms of exercise, and, when done properly, it can significantly improve your health.

The most basic kind of walking for exercise, often called health-walking, can be done almost anywhere and at any time, year around. And for individuals with a long history of inactivity or problems with obesity, walking is an excellent way to begin an exercise program.

If the Shoe Fits - Get Moving!
Footwear plays a vital role in the duration of your walking routine, and shoes that don't fit properly or that lack support can lead to foot pain or injuries, such as blisters, corns, calluses, nail fungus and plantar fasciitis. These problems can discourage you from exercising, thus achieving the opposite of what you were looking for. The right footwear will keep you walking with happy, healthy feet.

Not sure which shoe will offer you the most support and best fit?
href="https://www.innovateistore.com/" target="_blank">Innovate Comfort Shoes can help! We’re experts at finding the perfect fit. Once we have you in the right walking shoes, here are some quick tips for using them for healthy walking:
  • Wear your walking shoes only for walking to extend their life.
  • Consider buying two pairs and rotating them, to give each pair time to breath between walks. This will cut down on odors in your shoes, and allow them to dry completely.
  • Replace walking shoes after every 300 to 600 miles, depending on how hard you are on your shoes.
Keep Your Feet Healthy
To gain the most health benefit from walking, it's important to pay close attention to your feet. Trim your nails regularly, keep your feet clean and dry, and inspect your feet for signs of sores, blisters, corns, calluses or other infections. Serious foot ailments, such as bunions or hammertoes, should be checked by your doctor before you begin your exercise routine.

Once you're ready to hit the road, set appropriate goals based on your overall health and walking experience. Start slow and build up your distance gradually. And don't forget to stretch in order to prevent injury and keep muscles loose.

Walking is meant to be safe, easy, and fun, but in order to do so, you must have healthy feet. Experiencing foot pain and discomfort isn't normal. Talk with a podiatrist or give us a call if you encounter any problems while walking. The shoe experts at Innovate Comfort Shoes are happy to help.

Every step you take is one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Take a stroll in the mall, walk your dog in the park, or grab a friend and go for a leisurely walk around your neighborhood. It's easy and fun, and, when done regularly, can lead to a healthier you!

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