The Right Shoes for Common Foot Conditions

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There are many foot conditions that may cause someone to shop for therapeutic shoes. With so many types of shoes available, and so many different kinds of foot issues to address, we’re happy to help our customers navigate the sea of shoes and find the perfect fit. The Annie Shoe from Dr. Comfort

Two of the most common issues that cause foot pain are bunions and hammertoes. Both of these issues affect the forefront of the foot. While each of these problems has its own characteristics, both require certain shoe profiles to find some relief and comfort.

Bunions are one of the most common foot problems. A bunion is a pronounced bump on the side of the foot, most frequently on the big toe joint. The bump is caused by a bone protruding toward the inside of the foot. As the big toe is pushed toward the smaller toes, another common problem can occur, called overlapping toes. Bunions can also form on the outside of the foot, at the joint of the smallest toe.

Bunions are more common in women than in men, generally due to the tight, narrow dress shoes that women tend to wear. By wearing shoes with a constrictive toe box, the foot can begin to form to the shape of the shoe, leading to painful bunions.

The first sign of a bunion is a red spot on the joint, caused by footwear rubbing and pressing against the area. If left unattended, a callous will form on the joint, causing further pain and damage. That red spot is the first sign of an issue, and should be addressed immediately by choosing a better fitting shoe. And we can help!

To relieve the pain caused by bunions, look for shoes with a wide and/or deep toe box to allow room for the affected joint. A broad forepart with a flexible joint area will help keep pressure off of the inflamed area. Many therapeutic shoes designed for those with bunions will feature a stretch mesh or lycra material on the side joints, to help relieve the pressure and keep from worsening the condition.

ICS Shoes offers shoes for both men and women who suffer from bunions. Hylan shoe company features athletic shoes that have mesh sides and wide footbeds. Women can find relief in Dr. Comfort’s Annie and Dr. Comfort also offers the Brian for men who need to treat bunion pain. For more options, call our experts. We’re happy to help!

Another common foot problem that affects the forefront of the foot, hammertoe is a toe that is pulled back, or contracted, at the middle joint in the toe. The toe’s joints curl downward as tendons and ligaments tighten. This condition leads to severe pressure and pain, especially on the tops of the toes as they rub against a shoe. Hammertoes usually affect the smaller toes.

Hammertoe is caused by a muscle imbalance which causes the tendons and ligaments to tighten up and pull the toe in and down. Arthritis can lead to hammertoes, as can wearing ill-fitting or tight shoes that constrict the forefront of the foot.

One of the most important treatments for this condition is changing the type of footwear. Those suffering from hammertoe require a high, broad toebox. Stretch lycra or mesh across the top of the shoe will help prevent painful corns on top of the toes. Therapeutic shoes that feature double depth and dual footbeds are beneficial to help to customize fit and make room for the misshapen toes, decreasing friction and rubbing. Since hammertoes can’t be corrected without surgery, it’s important to accommodate the feet and toes with the correct shoes.

Ics Shoes offers the best types of shoes for those seeking relief from hammertoes. Woman will find that Dr. Comfort’s double depth Annie-X offers the right features, Apex Ambulator shoes, as well as I-Runner's line of therapeutic athletic shoes. Men can look at Dr. Comfort’s William-X and Brian-X, as well as Drew Shoes’ Journey 2.

Our foot specialists are trained to help you narrow down your shoe selection by foot issue. By simply giving us a call, we can help you find the right shoe. By wearing the right shoe, you can relieve the pain of foot conditions such as hammertoe and bunions. Let us help you find the perfect fit.
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