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Apis Mt. Emey 502-X Men's Severe Edema and Foot Ailments Shoe

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The Apis Mt Emey Men's 502-X - Supra Depth shoe is designed with Extra Volume for the Lymphedema, Edema feet and swollen ankles. Lymphedema, Swelling in a leg caused by a lymphatic system blockage. The main symptom is swelling in a leg that may be accompanied by pain or discomfort. Exercise, wrapping, massage, and compression can help. Designed to fit up to 25" ankle girth this shoe is unique in the width and depth. (Accommodates Wrapping) Only available in 10E and 14E widths, for the severe swollen foot.

Designed to accommodate Charcot/dropped mid-foot with an extra wide mid-foot last. Toe box designed for moderate bunion, edema, hammer toes and foot deformities. Made with soft genuine napa leather uppers for added adjustbility. This Apis shoe features true sizes, widths and a wide opening for easier entry.

The Apis Mt Emey Men's 502-X is part of the Apis Medical Collection. Apis Medical Collection shoes are the ultimate solution for people who can not be fitted with normal off-the-shelf shoes. These shoes are designed to accommodate certain deformities such as severe edema, Charcot or bunion, to provide support and protection. The Apis Medical Collection shoes are available in over four true widths, double-depth, or triple - supra depth toe box with large built-in volume, surgical opening and wound-care protection, all come with seamless lining at the toe, removable insoles, enclosure with straps or laces and extended sizes and widths. Men’s Medical Collection Styles include: 728-E, 708, 718, 511, 502-C, 502-X, 502-E, 503-C, 504-C, 737, 738 and 739.

  • Supra - Triple Depth/Edema Last
  • Widths: Only available in 10E, and 14E
  • Designed for moderate to severe Lymphedema
  • Fit up to 25" Ankle girth (Accommodates Wrapping)
  • Built-in HUGE volume/space top arch area
  • Semi-surgical opening
  • Durable HD EVA outsole, easy to modify
  • Supports Severe Conditions: Swelling, Pronated/Flat Foot, Lymphodema, Edema, Bunions, Hammer Toes, and Partial Foot
  • Apis 502-E (Elasitic Ankle feature)
  • Apis 502-X (Leather Ankle feature)


Apis Footwear
5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 , 10.5, 11 , 11.5, 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20
XXX-Wide (10E), XXX-Wide (14E)
Moderate Swelling, Severe Swelling, Lymphedema, Charcot
Diabetic Shoes - A5500, Extra Depth for Orthotics

Product Features

About Apis Footwear

Mt Emey® Premiere Collection diabetic shoes are billable under A code A5500 for Medicare Diabetic Shoe Bill. They feature seamless lining, three or more true widths and multiple depths and sizes. They are designed for better accommodation of orthotics, AFO & internal mods, as well as better support & stability.

Apis Medical Collection footwear are specially designed for the hard-to-fit foot conditions including bone deformities such as bunion, charcot, crossover toes or lymphedema, or for patients with larger orthotic needs. They offer a variety of closures for ease of fit adjustability, and lasted according to charcot, bunion and toe deformities.

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