Business as un-Usual

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by Neal Lebar (President of ICS Shoes)

I'm in shock, along with most people in the world. I lost my home and business to Hurricane Andrew, 26 years ago, but this is so different. After that catastrophe, I learned one important lesson, this too will pass.

You know the saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade"... So, I started to think of the Positive things that will come from this "pause". I welcome any additions to this list:

* Stay in close contact with my family

* Take a deep breath as the hectic pace of life comes to a halt.

* Stay up late and sleep in

* Catch up on all the programs I haven't seen... binge baby binge

* Find some interesting books to read

* Get creative in the kitchen

* Work out without being rushed

* Play tennis! I can meet a partner and keep our distance. No high fives or fist bumps.

* Much less traffic when I do have to go out

* Long walks

** When you think about it, it's like a forced Vacation, to just Chill. Life will go on when this is over and it's important for me to always remember, this too will pass... as it always has. ***

Remote Shopping at ICS Shoes

Choosing to self isolate, social distance or simply cutting back on going out is a smart choice for many of us at this time. With that in mind, we have ramped up efforts to help you for scheduling a consultation with our Fitting Specialists. They can text or email recommendations or information to help you remote shop. Free shipping on most orders is available.

We'll be available as long as products are being shipped. So a remote personal shopping experience with us is a great choice. Stay safe, stay strong and just give us a call to set up a Personal Shopping Experience. Josie and Delores are available at (877) 553-5544.

We will all push through this and come out smarter and stronger.

Be well and think Positive...


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