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I couldn't find my favorite shoes anywhere in retail or online until I found ICS. Great support and terrific service from people who, believe it or not, actually HELP you. It takes one awhile to adjust to the shock. :-) My shoes arrived in record time, pre-laced and ready to go. Hats off to ICS! Thanks, Pat

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Excellent Customer Service & Quality Products

Thank you for the excellent customer service and quality products on an easy to navigate website. I received such good service from Josie for a pair of shoes for my sister, who is disabled, that I re-ordered another pair of the same shoes from your website since we were so happy with your company, ICS Shoes.

These shoes are not readily available in our area. These Drew shoes are about the only thing that she can walk in safely. Josie took the time to help me to find the proper replacement for her former pair of Drews and make sure the style and size were correct. She was personable, knowledgeable and professional.

Thank you also for your blog page and sharing your story.

Thank you for your contribution the community. We appreciate your fine example. We will be visiting your store again.

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Exceptional Customer Service Experience!

I wanted to share my customer service experience with you, because it was so extraordinary.

The foot specialist, Josie, was extremely well mannered, gracious, patient, very knowledgeable and with a fine sense of humor.

She helped me to find the right shoes, and no matter how many questions I had, she was always kind and helpful. She's a real person and you have the sense that she and the company really care about you, that this is not just a business about making money. There is a genuine concern for the human being, coupled with great expertise about shoes.

She and the company really went out of their way to be helpful. I would recommend them to anyone, and I plan to buy all my shoes from them in the future.

Kudos to your company and to Josie for being so kind, caring, knowledgeable and decent. Hard to find these days.

I encourage anyone to try them out. You will not be disappointed.

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Finally I found you folks and I’m relieved to find the shoes I ordered from you are indeed 5X wide.

Been ordering shoes online from the usuals places. Also been returning shoes online from those places. Gets expensive and frustrating. I have a very wide foot and the widths some—-most—-sellers advertise are completely misleading. Very irritating.

But your sizing is honest and accurate. I smiled when I tried on the shoes you delivered. They fit

You’ve got a repeat customer here. Good for me!

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I have a larger left foot than my right. My left foot has a higher instep and in my entire life I have NEVER been able to get a comfortable pair.

My wife saw your company and read how these were 5/16” deeper to allow for orthotics. She figured this was just what would work for me. Also, right foot is a size 12 4E and the left foot is 12 1/2 2D. She decided to get the 13 3E/4E Size.

I just received them 3 hours ago and haven’t taken them off. They fit perfect. My orthotics fit into the shoe along with my higher instep. Nothing is pinching, binding, tight or making my foot go numb! Wish you had more colors to choose from. I’d get several more pairs!! Highly recommend!!!

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Reviews 1-5 of 9

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