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No-Tie Shoe Laces - Bungee Laces

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Lock Laces fit perfectly on I-Runner shoes, but also any other athletic shoe brand. The firm-but-flexible elastic laces stretch, so you can easily slide your shoes on without damaging the heel of the shoe. The patented double-eyelet lock device makes it easy to make adjustments and holds your laces in place better than any other system on the market.

  • SNUG AND SECURE FIT: Patented double eyelet lock securely grips laces to keep them from slipping.
  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION: Dial-up the tension to add compression or loosen to relieve your foot and improve circulation.


Men, Women
Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, White
Moderate Bunions, Moderate Hammertoes, Moderate Swelling

Product Features

About I-Runner Shoes

I-Runner Comfort Series offers a style that looks great on everyone but more importantly they've been specifically designed to help reduce the impact and complications often associated with diabetic neuropathy and the physical limitations of those with diabetes.

These lightweight and comfortable athletic shoes have a look that transition easily from walking to casual comfort. Ideal for casual walking, working out or just lounging around the house. Every step you take will be in comfort with an I-Runner Comfort shoe.

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