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How to Eliminate Knee Pain

by Neal Lebar (President of ICS)

Our knees support the entire body and are one of the most common joints to injure, get replaced, or have surgery on. Every time we stand, walk, bend, or even sleep we put stress on our knee joints and are subject to unrelenting pain.

When I was 11 years old, playing baseball, I dislocated my right knee. I dislocated it at least 6 other times running, swimming, and just playing. It was the most exruciating pain imaginable, especially for a child. Although the doctors suggested surgery, my father was vehemently against it. Over the next 40 years I had only 50% range of motion and it would swell up whenever I pushed it. I was in constant fear of dislocating it again.

When I was 25 I started practicing Yoga and was always very careful not to push my knee in the wrong position. The last thing I wanted to do was dislocate it again. I learned how I could stretch it when it would swell up, which would immediately relieve the pain. Through stretching and Yoga I was able to improve the range of motion. I also worked on strenghting it with squats and other exercises, using weights. By the time I was 65 I was able to sit back on my heels and regained the full range of motion. Today I can still tell the need to be careful with it. I no longer suffer from any pain in my right knee.

Since I favored my right knee for many years, when I was 40, I tore the miniscus in my left knee, while lifting my son onto my shoulders. I heard the "pop" and immediately buckled to the floor. Although the Doctor suggested surgery, I elected to rehab it with all the tools I had learned over my lifetime. This entailed stretching, running in a pool, and working out on a cable machine. It took 2 years but I eventually repaired my left knee and today I am pain free with a full range of motion. I was always concerned that surgery would result in bone on bone later in my life. I've always felt that even if I elected surgery, I would still need to spend extensive time in rehab, so why not give rehab a shot before taking the more aggressive approach. If rehab did not work, I could always elect surgery.

The biggest lesson I learned over all these years is, with the correct stretching and exercises I could repair my knees, eliminate all the pain, and regain 100% range of motion. I found that utilized the techniques I've used throughout my life to repair my knees. I learned that it is essential to do the right exercises & stretches in the correct order to warm up the muscles, ligiments, and tendons.

The program I found includes a Coaching video, showing the correct stretching and exercises in the Proper Order to strengthen and improve the range of motion in the knees.

For a minimal cost, you can incorporate the lessons I learned into your daily regimen and improve the flexibility, strength and range of motion - eliminating the pain from your knees.

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