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How to Eliminate Back Pain

by Neal Lebar (President of ICS)

At some point in your life you may tweak your back, feel it tighten up, and know something isn't right. You reach for the anti-inflammatory pills and throw an ice pack or heating pad on it, only to find the pain continues, unrelenting.

When I was 25, playing tennis first thing in the morning, I reached for a ball and felt a pop in my lower back. It hurt a little but I continued to play as my back continued to tighten up. By the end of the match I was suffering from the worst pain in my life. We proceeded to take a break, sit down and hydrate. The next thing that happened scared me like never before - I couldn't stand up! My back had completely frozen up and my muscles were locked up in a sitting position - I was in excruciating pain. My partners had to lift me up and take me directly to my bed. The only comfortable position was on my back, feet flat on the bed with my knees bent. Has this ever happened to you?

Over the next few weeks I tried everything to relieve the pain: Chiropractic, Heat, Ice, Stretching, and of course, mass quantities of ibuprofen. Over the next few weeks the pain began to subside but I still had tremendous pain whenever I tried to stand or move. I started taking a Yoga class which provided some relief and continued visiting my Chiropractor. The pain lingered for several months and eventually went away. However, over the next 25 years something would happen and I would find myself flat on my back again. It would reoccur by simply trying to pick up a pen off the floor or bending over to tie my shoes.

One day I was reading Men's Health magazine and learned the importance of core stability exercises. Apparently my core and the surrounding muscles were very weak, and couldn't properly support my back. I started doing exercises like planks, bird-dogs and other core exercises. I learned it was not only important to strengthen my core muscles but the stretching exercises must be done in the correct sequence, to warm up the back muscles in the proper order.

The program I recently found includes a Coaching video, showing the correct strengthening and stretching exercises in the Proper Order. If only I knew sooner, I would have saved years of pain and suffering.

For a minimal cost, you can build the lessons from this video into your daily regimen which will improve your core strength, flexibility, range of motion, and help eliminate the pain in your back.

How to Fix Your Back Pain Forever!

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