Welcome to Comfort!

Instride Foot & Ankle Specialists has an Affiliate relationship with Innovate Comfort Shoes (ICS), to provide access to this website as a resource for their patients.

Are you having a difficulty finding the right shoe for your size, width or condition?  ICS carries the most therapeutic and diabetic lines of shoes available, anywhere!

ICS Therapeutic shoes are designed to accommodate:

  • Extended Sizes: 4 - 21
  • Extended Widths: Narrow to 14E
  • Extra Depth: Provides sufficient room for Orthotics and Inserts.
  • Foot Conditions: Neuropathy, Hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis, Edema, Charcot, etc.

We have taken all the worry out of ordering shoes on-line. With Our Free Exchange and Return Program, you may return or exchange any purchased shoe, at no cost.

So, go ahead, order the perfect shoe or call our Specialists - Your Feet Will Thank You.