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Apis Mt. Emey 708 Men's Bunion / Bunionette Shoe

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Specialized Men's Bunion Shoes - Double Depth

Apis Mt. Emey Footwear Series for Foot Deformities, Bunion/Bunionette, Hammer/Claw/Overlapping Toes/Arthritis/Ankle/Joint Fusion/Edema/Swelling/Achilles Tendonitis/Bony Deformities.

Designed with a built in flex area on medial and lateral side of the shoes, this unique design will accommodate mild or severe bunion and bunionette situations. The Lycra top will allow more room in the shoe for claw or hammer toes. The outsole is constructed with EVA materials for easy sole modification.

Designed to accommodate mild to sever bunion, edema, hammer toes and R.A foot deformities, and Ankle/Foot braces (AFO). his Apis shoe features true sizes, widths and a wide opening for easier entry.

Apis / Mt. Emey - Style 708 Black
  • Apis / Mt. Emey - Style 708 Black
  • Foot Profile
  • Bunions



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Retail: $136.95



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Product Features

  • Double Depth Combination Last
  • Double-depth of 5/16" deeper than regular shoes
  • Extra soft genuine Napa leather uppers
  • Extra length medial and lateral counter support
  • Seamless lining to decrease friction
  • Durable HD EVA outsole, easy to modify
  • Stretchable Lycra vamps
  • Bunion/Bunionette flex area
  • Expandable Lycra Padded collar for more flexible swelling ankle relief
  • Reflex the leather counter to reduce Achilles pressure
  • Sizes: 5-17
  • Widths: D, 4E, 6E, 10E, 14E
  • Shoe Closure: Velcro®
  • Shoe Cover: Breathable / Stretchable Fabric
  • Supports Conditions: Bunions, Hammer Toes, Claw Toes, AFO, Partial Foot


Diabetic Neuropathy, Moderate Bunions, Severe Bunions, Moderate Hammertoes, Severe Hammertoes, Brace (AFO), Moderate Swelling, Severe Swelling, Lymphedema
Diabetic Shoes - A5500, Extra Depth for Orthotics
Apis Footwear
5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 , 10.5, 11 , 11.5, 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17
Medium (D), 4E, 6E

Store Testimonials

Finally I found you folks and I’m relieved to find the shoes I ordered from you are indeed 5X wide.

Been ordering shoes online from the usuals places. Also been returning shoes online from those places. Gets expensive and frustrating. I have a very wide foot and the widths some—-most—-sellers advertise are completely misleading. Very irritating.

But your sizing is honest and accurate. I smiled when I tried on the shoes you delivered. They fit

You’ve got a repeat customer here. Good for me!
Thank you for the excellent customer service and quality products on an easy to navigate website. I received such good service from Josie for a pair of shoes for my sister, who is disabled, that I re-ordered another pair of the same shoes from your website since we were so happy with your company, ICS Shoes.

These shoes are not readily available in our area. These Drew shoes are about the only thing that she can walk in safely. Josie took the time to help me to find the proper replacement for her former pair of Drews and make sure the style and size were correct. She was personable, knowledgeable and professional.

Thank you also for your blog page and sharing your story.

Thank you for your contribution the community. We appreciate your fine example. We will be visiting your store again.
I have a larger left foot than my right. My left foot has a higher instep and in my entire life I have NEVER been able to get a comfortable pair.

My wife saw your company and read how these were 5/16” deeper to allow for orthotics. She figured this was just what would work for me. Also, right foot is a size 12 4E and the left foot is 12 1/2 2D. She decided to get the 13 3E/4E Size.

I just received them 3 hours ago and haven’t taken them off. They fit perfect. My orthotics fit into the shoe along with my higher instep. Nothing is pinching, binding, tight or making my foot go numb! Wish you had more colors to choose from. I’d get several more pairs!! Highly recommend!!!
I just wanted to send along a "THANK YOU" for all the help and recommendation / advice you have given me and to let you know that I did place an order #125648 this past Friday evening (2-7-20) for shoes & socks for my sister!!

I did go with your recommendations...all the information you provided made everything so much easier in making a final decision on what might work best for her and meet all the needs she has!! You have been so great...and everyone else there at all provide the best customer give the "above & beyond" service...

ICS provides a wide variety of shoes that meets anyone's need for footwear but I'm thinking the folks who have medical conditions and need to have special requirements met...are the folks who are truly blessed with your kindness & integrity in finding just the very best possible shoe type / style / size that meet their needs!!

I'll keep you posted on the outcome, Josie!! I do know because of all the issues my sister has...there maybe a possibility that things won't work out....but I also know that company anywhere has worked as hard in providing the best product & customer service and all with great kindness & caring and patience than the folks at ICS Shoes!! Thank you esp. Josie for doing such a great job!!