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  • MBT Shoes Ajabu

Men's MBT Shoes Ajabu 400259 Rocker Shoes

MBT Ajabu shoe is a sleek, casual lace-up shoe with a rugged and durable stitch down upper construction. It is known for embodying artful craftsmanship teamed with a modern silhouette. The full grain and split leather upper provides ultimate comfort and durability. Featuring a 3D mesh lining that works to keep the feet of the user fresh throughout the day. This shoe has a rubber outsole for traction. MBT Shoes are known for the great style and comfort.

MBT Shoes, The Healthy Physiological Footwear.
MBT shoes are also known as physiological footwear being the first footwear that has a positive effect on the entire body. The full form of MBT is Masai Barefoot Technology. The best part about this design is that it includes an innovative design that includes a multi-layered and curved sole which makes for a unique and rewarding walking experience. Their trademark is the patented sole structure. Because of the shank, PU midsole with Pivot and the Masai Sensor, it feels as if you are walking on a springy moss or a sandy surface. The natural instability that it creates underfoot activates the supporting muscle system and has positive effects on the whole body. It also is responsible for exercising a large number of muscles, irrespective of the user standing or sitting. The regular uses of these shoes have a therapeutic effect on the back, hip, leg and foot problems. At MBT, they don't believe in shoes. They believe in footwear that makes the user better from the ground up. Lightweight 3D mesh upper and lining are highly breathable.

  • Full grain and split leather upper with tie closure
  • 3D mesh lining helps keep your feet cool and dry
  • Dual density midsole is made with TPU and nylon mixed with glass fibers for extra firmness and durability
  • Multi-layered sole creates natural instability to emulate the feeling of walking on sand
  • Casual rubber outsole provides good traction and durability
  • Removable insoles so that you can add your own orthotic insoles

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