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Logger Boots for Women are heavy-duty work boots designed for harsh outdoor conditions where workers face wet and uneven terrain consistently. These boot typically have a raised heel that makes it easier for climbing spurs.

Logging boots for Women are worn to help work through brush, muck, and other types of undergrowth, and climbing if necessary. Logger boots are designed to be worn by women in the logger industry, where they are cutting down and pulling fallen trees. The raised heel helps with supporting the foot while climbing. Lineman also can benefit from this style of boot.

Logger boots for Women are a heavy-duty boot built to stand up to harsh and wet outdoor conditions. Logging boots provides adequate traction and support on uneven terrain and in wet, marshy conditions. The raised heel and deep lugs make these boots both adequate in sloppy conditions, and good for climbing. Most Logger Boots have laces, but there are a few pull on logger boots available today.

Features of Women's Logger Boots:

  • Leather Upper
  • Raised Heel
  • Welt Construction
  • Agressive Lugs to provide traction and support
  • Steel Shank to provide additional support between the outsole and insole of a boot

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