How I Eliminated My Shoulder Pain

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How to Fix Your Shoulders

Shoulder pain can come from some of the simplest movements, causing you to impinge your rotator cuff. Once your rotator cuff is impinged, reaching behind your back or overhead could result in a pain so intense you want to scream.

The first time I hurt my shoulder was when we were preparing to go hiking. I reached behind the seat of my car, grabbed my hiking boots and brought them to the front. I thought nothing of it until this pain coursed through my entire body. From that point on, whenever I simply reached behind my back, the pain felt like an electrical shock. This isn't one of those pains that eventually goes away. It will continue, unrelenting until it's resolved.

On another occasion, several years later I impinged my other shoulder while repelling down a waterfall. This happened due to the angle and stress that was put on my shoulder from behind my back.

For the next 10 years my shoulder pain would wake me up at night, causing me to get out of bed and stretch. I would switch my sleeping position from one side to the other as woke up. I tried changing pillows, mattresses, sleeping differently but I would wake up 2-3 times every night with a stiff and painful shoulder. When I found it answered a lot of questions and resolved all of the issues I was having. I learned that it was also essential to do the right exercises / stretches in the correct order. It was not only important to strengthen my shoulder muscles but the exercise must be done in the correct sequence.

For just a few dollars I could have resolved the problem several Years earlier, if only I had known the proper way to strengthen my shoulder and back muscles. It was so simple once I knew the proper exercises in the correct order. If only I knew sooner, I would have saved years of pain and suffering.

The program I found includes a Coaching video, showing the correct strengthening and stretching exercises in the Proper Order. After doing these exercises for a few weeks my shoulders have never felt better - I can finally sleep throughout the night.

For a minimal cost, I was able to incorporate the lessons I learned into my daily regimen which has improved my core strength, flexibility, range of motion, and completely eliminated all of the pain in my shoulders.

Fix Your Shoulder Pain Forever!

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